Friday, November 10, 2006

November Performance update

The image below shows a summary table of my performance to date. Since I do not buy and sell the stocks all at once, it is difficult to measure an accurate return but I am lisitng the prices as accurately as I can around the dates I buy and sell. Also, the total size of each trade as a percent of the portfolio is not the same. So, the true total portfolio return can not be measured. For example, the options that I trade end up being a very small fraction of my total portfolio ( less than 1%). I also keep a good portion 20-30% (sometimes higher) cash reserve.

I also added three new names to the non-biotech list. Toyota ( the most profitable company in Japan) China Medical Tech to get more Asia exposure in addition to Mastercard.

This month was a good month for the market in general. I expect the next few months and all of 2007 to be very challenging since the economy is expected to cool down significantly! Therefor I will shoot to increase my cash balance to at least 50% going into 2007.

Click on the image to see larger version.

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