Saturday, December 16, 2006

December Monthly Performance Update

The chart below shows my performance through December 15th.

One major missed opportunity was CELG. I sold CELG shares aournd 50 in addition to selling covered calls shortly after they were added to S&P 500 and announced good earnings (Link to that article). More recent news include potential generic competition to Thalomid in about 2 and a half years. I will watch and wait for CELG to come back down to a better valuation and a better buying opportunity.

I closed AKAM trade because it had a gain of over 20% in a couple of months. I will watch this great stock for an entry point later in 2007.

My sentiment for stocks going into 2007 is somewhat negative. I will remain on the sideline for better visibility into the economic outlook. I anticipate the first half of 2007 to show a significant reduction in GDP due to a cooling in housing. The Weak dollar may help the GDP numbers a little by boosting exports and may distort how bad the economy actually is.